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Detailed description

This LED lamp from INTERIOR collection makes the atmosphere chic and elegant! As you are more and more concerned about the lights into the homes, you will be able to adapt the color of the light with a simple gesture, based on your choice. The white light or *daytime, natural light* reproduces the brightness of the sunlight, during the hottest times of the day. This is just perfect into the rooms where you work, cook, or eat. The second option will be the yellow light, which makes the atmosphere very comfy. It will be perfect into bedrooms or living rooms. It makes it ideal for resting, and for a warm atmosphere. Thanks to the 3 levels of intensity, you will be able to choose the level of brightness and the lamp will adapt to your mood and needs. Put on every function by distance, thanks to the remote control which includes any function of the lamp: on/off - color choice: yellow, or natural light - light intensity : low, medium, high. LED 65 W - 5500 lumens - AC100V-250V

Material : Metal
Sku : LV2045
  • Width/Depth : 30 cm
  • Width : 0 cm
  • Height : 160 cm
  • Diameter : 0 cm
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