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Edgar Ramirez is a product designer, painter, sculptor and interior designer, a self-taught artist having an innate sense of beauty. He was born in a small town in the province of Bogota, Colombia in 1970. Hampered by his family in his natural art predisposition, he leaved young the country of origin searching for his road. He traveled the world by living for some years in London and Paris where he did menial jobs that allow him to experience his natural artistic talent. Moving to Italy at the beginning of this millennium finally found the way to capitalize on his experience by signing several valuable artworks (paintings and sculptures), thanks to the collaboration with his life partner Paolo Rossini began to be known and appreciated in the art and home decoction market.

Material : Polyresin
Sku : DA1678
  • Width/Depth : 18 cm
  • Width : 18 cm
  • Height : 57 cm
  • Diameter : 0 cm
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